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While artists have been using film as a medium since video technology first became available in the 1960s, the digital ‘revolution’ of the 1990s significantly enhanced the possibilities open to artists. With much greater access to sophisticated equipment and editing techniques, artists have been able to work in increasingly complex and nuanced ways.

This year, the Goodman Gallery presents a selection of films by contemporary artists that embrace a diverse array of attitudes and approaches to film as a visual medium. The work shown here, all single channel video, includes films made using original footage, documentary style interviews, stop frame animation, and editing of found footage into a single narrative. From the directly political to the whimsical and absurd, ARTSLOT introduces a range of video works from both established and up and coming artists to Encounters 2009.


  Where do I begin Moshekwa Langa 7:00
  Journey to the Moon William Kentridge 4:00
  Alien Minnette Vári 2:09
  Sound Charles Maggs 3:59
  Wax Sue Williamson 11:30
  Love Story Clive Van den Berg 6:05
  Memo Deborah Bell, Robert Hodgins, William Kentridge 3:40
  Right Charles Maggs 2:36
  Everybody Free to Feel Good Dan Halter 3:32
  Quake Minette Vari 4:20
  Tide Table William Kentridge 9:10
  Trauma Diorama Kathryn Smith 3:20


The artists Kathryn Smith and Sue Williamson will attend the first screening on Saturday 4 July.


SCREENS: Sat 4 / 7.15pm + Q & A • Thu 16 / 6.45pm