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International Shorts


USA / Ghana • 2008 • 30min • Dirs: Yoni Brook & Musa Suyeed

Bronx born and bred Rocky Otoo straddles two cultures and realities. Nearly 18, and excited by the prospect of freedom from her mother and being a princess in her royal Ghanaian father’s
house, her future is set for confrontation and some home truths. Brook’s warm film tells of generational and personal conflicts in a boisterous, ever-changing, often crazy immigrant community.

Courtesy of the Directors

Big Sky Documentary FF 2009 - Best Short Documentary

Precedes Yandé Coudou on Wed 8 / 6.30pm • Tues 14 / 8.30pm


Cuba / USA • 2009 • 24min • Dir: Katrin Hansing

In 1965 15 year-old Ilanga was ordered to work as Che’s Swahili translator during a secret Congo mission to train anti-Mobutu rebels. After 7 months by Che’s side, the Cuban authorities sent Ilanga to Havana without explanation. Forty years passed and he lost contact with his family and homeland. In 2003 he received an unexpected phone call from Bukavu, his home town…

Courtesy of the Director

Hansing is a guest of the festival and will attend screenings of her film.

Precedes The Last Voyage on Mon 6 / 8.15pm • Sun 12 / 5.30pm + Q & A


Sweden • 2008 • 15min • Dirs: David Aronowitsch & Hanna Heilborn

His parents killed, separated from his sister, Abuk was enslaved at the age of 5. He and Machiek are two of 1000s of children taken by Sudan government sponsored militia to be used as slaves. Based on a 2003 interview of liberated children this is the directors’ second immensely powerful, animated films, with and about children in difficult situations.

Courtesy of the Directors and the Swedish Film Institute

IDFA 2008 - Silver Cub, Best Short Documentary
Berlinale 2009 - Special Mention, Generation 14plus

Precedes Waltz with Bashir on Sun 5 / 2.30pm + Pd • Sun 12 / 8.30pm + Pd • Tues 14 / 8.30pm • Sun 19 / 8pm