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Master Classes

Velcrow Ripper

Saturday 11 July • 9am - 12pm

Sound has the ability to evoke a deep resonance, emotions and memory, similar to the effect scent can have. It can be both subtle, or a sledgehammer. Used with artistry, it can transform a film.
One of the distinctive aspects of Ripper’s films (Fierce Light, ScaredSacred) is his exquisite and multi-layered sound design. Many documentarians neglect sound, but for Ripper, sound is as important as the visual element of a film. In addition to sound designing his own films, Ripper has created the soundscapes for such seminal documentaries as The Corporation by Mark Achbar, and A Place Called Chiapas by Nettie Wild.

Yoav Shamir

Saturday 11 July • 2pm - 5pm

How do you gain access to subjects when dealing with sensitive issues? Sometimes you are an insider, sometimes an outsider, but without access it’s difficult to achieve what you set out to do. Access and trust, not budget, are the key elements of documentary filmmaking and will produce remarkable results.

Shamir is an award-winning filmmaker who has made numerous films where he has gained the unique trust of, and access to, his subjects. His films often deal with sensitive political issues, but through building trust with his subjects he has managed to take us into a world we normally would not see.


Contact Irmgard Schreiber project@encounters.co.za for further information.